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Tautog are distributed along the Northeast Atlantic coast from Nova Scotia to Georgia, with the greatest abundances occurring in the U.S. between Cape Cod and Chesapeake Bay. They are generally found close to shore in water less than 60 feet deep north of Cape Cod, and up to 40 miles offshore at depths up to 60 feet south of the Cape.

Tautog thrive in areas with structured habitat. They are generally found around rocks and boulders in waters north of Long Island, and inhabit wrecks, jetties, natural and artificial reefs, and shellfish beds in the southern end of their range. Adults stay close to their preferred home site moving away only during the day to feed and returning at night where they become dormant and may actually sleep.

Fishing occurs primarily in the spring and fall, although wthere is an active fishery off the Birginia coast in the  winter and some Nid-Atlantic fishermen will pursue tautog year-round.