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Summer Flounder or Fluke is one of the larger Flounder species.
Generally they are white below and darker above, but they can turn various shades of gray, blue, green,orange and almost black; in fact they are called the chameleons of the sea because of their ability to change color to match the bottom on which they are found.

The Fluke reaches a weight of 26 lb, and is usually marked with dark spots (ocelli).

Like other species of flat fish, the Fluke have both eyes on one side of its head and, for characteristic it is able to rest on the ocean bottom and look up.

The flatfish is found in coastal waters from the southern gulf of Maine to Florida.
Striped Bass
The body of the Striped Bass is elongate and slightly condensed. It has a narrow head, and a large mouth with small teeth. The color is olive-green to dark blue on the back, silvery on the sides, and white below. There are 6 to 9 horizontal dark stripes on the side.

The common weight is 3 lb. - 15 lb.

The Striped Bass is found in the Atlantic Ocean and associated rivers from St. Lawrence River to St. Johns River, Florida. Most abundant from Hudson River to Chesapeake Bay.

Striped Bass travel in schools and are most abundant in coastal ocean waters, inshore bays, and coastal rivers.