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A number of different species of flatfish or Flounder are found in coastal and ocean waters along the entire Atlantic coast of the U.S. Two of the most common flounder species are the Winter or Blackback Flounder, the Summer Flounder or Fluke, which is one of the larger Flounder species.

All Flounder have a similar body anatomy; They have eyes on one side of the head, and, for this characteristic they are able to rest on the ocean bottom and look upward.

Winter Flounder principally live in shallow inshore waters during the colder months of the year and in the summer time, they migrate to deeper and cooler ocean waters. Winter Flounder are most abundant during the colder months of the year. Fluke have a migratory pattern opposite that of winter Flounder. Fluke migrate offshore to ocean waters 200 to 500 feet deep during the winter time and they move inshore to shallow warmer waters during the summer time.

Winter Flounder usually can grow up to 8 lb, and it can be found in the western Atlantic from Labrador south to Georgia.

Summer Flounder is found from Maine to northern Florida; this flatfish reaches a weight of 26 lb.